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FRN Web Review

By AG Valkyrie / Dan Hammond - 12-04-2014

So, as some of you may know, I’ve joined the ranks of the Forza Racing Network as a Staff Member! I’m quite proud to be given the title, and since this group has been moving at an accelerated pace, Brent Genito has assigned me a ‘little’ review of the FRN site. I accepted it eagerly, and currently I can’t wait until the next task arrives! Anyway, enough of my bantering. Let’s get down to business.

Upon opening the FRN webpage, you’re greeted with a small array of eye candy. Bentleys, Ferraris, Bel-Airs, Lamborghinis. The stuff our dreams are made of. Personally, I like it a lot, as it caught my attention with the Bentley’s projectors staring right back at me. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the Countach on the 4th image is absolutely decadent. Scrolling down, you’ll find the newest updates, ranging from shoutouts from Rear View Mirror, John Schommer’s newsroll on Forza Motorsport’s official site, to FRN’s Forza Horizon 2 Classic Car Photo Contest! This event is aimed at the Forzatographers yearning for the yesteryear, and the cars that outlived those times. The contest closed on Monday, and the results were posted somewhere on the group’s Facebook page!

The News Feed. Now this is where it gets interesting. From what I’ve gathered after my short contact with the FRN site, the community has really come together under one umbrella here. Years ago, I remember seeing some of these players making it big with their videos, or beating a rival team in the Forza Motorsport Drift League, and the D1 Street Legal events. I could only dream of meeting them, and here I am, almost bumping shoulders with them!

The fun doesn’t stop here, though! Mike Seddon’s Virtual Car Reviews, championship coverage by Aaron James in The Turn By Turn, and our first mention on the Rear View Mirror. I’ve read through most of these articles, and I’m consistently blown away by the editor’s attention to detail. I keep thinking this is the official site, but this is quite literally the Forza Fanboy’s home. Just by browsing through the review of Brent’s Mk1 Focus RS, you can tell these people take serious pride in their work. For them, Forza isn’t just a game. It’s a passion, and it’s astounding how it shows so clearly in the final product. Great job, guys. Also, that’s a clean Ford. I don’t see many players throwing together a little bit of USDM stanced cars.

The Gallery certainly doesn’t sound like much, I admit, but it’s not what you’d expect. Take a pick from any of the Featured Member Galleries or the Week’s Top 10 submissions – you won’t be disappointed. As I was browsing through the galleries for a little bit of inspiration during the weekend, I couldn’t help but stop a number of times, if only to drool at a grass-speckled tail light from an Aston Martin, or to stare at a Ford Escort Cosworth with the rally livery. That’s the thing with this place. Everywhere you look, everything’s been groomed to make your mouth water like it won’t stop. I know I won’t be abandoning this area of the site for a long time.

Dan Greenawalt at the Forza 5 E3 Party? Video Walkthroughs forFH2’s Bucketlist? Behind the scenes of Forza5, and a Studio Tour of Turn 10? Damn. It’s easy to say that this site clearly isn’t lacking anywhere from what I can see. All I know is that this place is turning out to be what the Forza Motorsport official page should have been – although, they still did a good job for the revamp with Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2. Hiding away at the bottom of the list, I found The Making of Forza Motorsport 4. Honestly, I couldn’t even find this on Turn 10’s page for a while. It’s a great watch – I recommend it! It certainly brings a sense of creativity and freedom to the game. Heck, there’s even a Behind the Scenes video! Honestly, I haven’t watched it yet. I’ll probably watch it while you’re reading this.

Competitions, abound! Paul Walker’s Memorial Contest catches the eye instantly. Is it because of the iconic FnF moment when Dom and Brian launch in the Supra and Charger? I can’t tell, but each time I open a page on this site, I swear I can’t stop finding new things to look at and learn about. FRN’s Photo / Livery Contest isn’t far from a crazy idea, but the results are brilliant. Players were asked to download the FRN logo from Fless NL’s Storefront and were told to create a paintjob on any car, and take a photo of it, to be submitted into the competition. Simon Miller’s winning entry of the FRN R35 GTR was stunning. The chrome paint underlay is definitely a big selling point. Not too much, not too little. Congratulations, Simon!

Now, considering FRN is an independently run organization, meaning a bunch of us helpless fools get to donate our free time to never get it back, FRN has been leaving some quite heart-warming thank-you notes for FRN and Forza Community members who have extended their help with Brent’s efforts to turn this group into something great. Some examples include the Turn 10 employee, Johniwanna (‘Unicorn Saint,’ and writer for the Rear View Mirror and Heavy Metal Affliction on FM.Net), or even December’s Facebook Member of the Month, Jacob Fromm, who has been a great resource for new and inspiring information to Brent! And I quote; “Jacob adds great character to our family at FRN. So give him a round of applause and send your best tuning tips over to this guy!” Well, I can’t argue with a great idea.

With such a large array of talented players, personalities, and programmers, we all congregate either on the Facebook page, or on the forums. Thankfully, the admins here at FRN have been pretty diligent with creating any kind of forum you could ever need as an avid player of any of the Forza games. Forza Drift Alliance, FRN’s Official Drift Team, has their roster posted and any other team information, including applications and events. I’ve got to give credit to our webmaster, because they’ve even got the forum organized into subforums, separating the games apart, and they even included a section for the first three games from the Forza Motorsport series. I can’t wait to see this place get more active and see what new talents arise within our community. Don’t worry guys! FRN isn’t done yet! We’re constantly expanding and striving to bring you guys new stuff everyday! Keep checking daily – things are moving almost too fast for me to keep up, too! Also, I just want to extend a quick little thank-you to Brent Genito, Tommie Stobbe and the rest of the FRN Crew for not just assigning me this review, but by being a great source of entertainment, inspiration, and an all-around great community to be a part of.

"I don’t know what’s going to be coming forth in the future, (Honestly, I know about as much as you guys, the readers, know about FRN’s future updates.) but all I know is that it’s going to be awesome. FRN, even over the last two months, has began to expand and grow faster than any organization that I’ve seen with my own eyes. That’s quite a big accomplishment. You guys should feel proud, as I do, to be a part of this organization. I just can’t wait to see how far this thing’s going to go! Heck, I can’t even imagine how happy (and exhausted) Brent feels.

Anyway… I think I’ve done enough abuse to myself with the all of the caffeine, cigarettes, and After Eight chocolate that I “needed” to finish this review. I’m glad it’s done, and I hope it serves its’ purpose. Please don’t get mad at me if we don’t see eye to eye. Please."

- Dan Hammond // AG Valkyrie

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