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Tim's Forza History Class

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302

By Tim DeLong- 03-17-2015

In the SCCA Trans-Am series of the late 1960’s, winning meant sales for the manufacturers. This is where the adage “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” comes from. After a less than successful 1968 season, Ford put forth large manufacturer assistance to beat the Z/28 Camaro Z/28 of Roger Penske and driver Mark Donohue.

Ford heavily modified several BOSS 302 Mustangs at their in-house custom shop, Kar Kraft. The modified BOSS 302’s received major engine and suspension upgrades. The cars were then delivered to two different teams, Shelby of America and Bud Moore Racing.

The driver talent in the Mustang camp was truly world-class. On the Shelby side were Dan Gurney, Sam Posey, Horst Kwech, and Peter Revson. Bud Moore employed George Follmer and Parnelli Jones. Jones was the most successful of the BOSS 302 Mustang drivers in 1969 and he only managed two wins. The third and final Mustang win came for Sam Posey. There was just no stopping the Blue #6 Penske Sunoco Camero of Mark Donohue that year.

In 1970 Bud Moore racing was able to build on what they had learned from the previous season and won 6 out of 11 races. That was enough to secure the Manufacturer’s Championship for Ford, and the Driver’s Championship for Parnelli Jones. My favorite Parnelli Jones quote, from his heyday in Trans-Am is “If you’re driving in complete control, you’re not driving fast enough”. Words to live by!


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