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Lucky 13, Warren Agor’s SCCA Trans-Am Series number 13 Chevrolet Camaro

By Tim DeLong- 05-12-2015

This Camaro has had a lucky life. The car is rumored to have started life as the third Chaparral Team car, given to Jim Hall by Chevrolet, to be prepped for use in the SCCA Trans-Am series. The Camaro was crashed in testing at Laguna Seca, repaired but was not raced in competition by Chaparral.

The car’s second owner was Marshall Robbins who raced it for one season. Robbins had painted the car orange and black with number 24 emblazoned on the sides. Robbins was fairly successful, with consistent top 10 finishes, although he only ran a partial season. Robbins sold the car to Warren Agor after the 1971 season. Agor painted the car Hugger orange and gave it number 13. the main support for Agor’s racing effort came from Hoselton Chevrolet, who sponsored Agor for the three seasons he raced the Camaro ‘72-’74. Agor’s most successful season was 1972 when he finished 4th in the championship.

Agor’s only win in the Camaro was at Sanair Super Speedway, in Quebec Canada 1973. That same year Agor’s lucky number 13 set the Trans-Am lap record at Road America, a time of 2:25, with a top speed of 99mph. Agor’s Trans-Am record stood for nearly a decade.

Once Agor sold the Camaro, it was repainted and raced in the IMAS GT series with moderate success. The car was restored to its former 1972 glory in the 1990’s and is still a fan favorite at vintage races to this day. It’s good to know that vintage racing crowds still get to hear this car’s bellowing 350 cubic inch, 360hp small block Chevy engine at full throttle.


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