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Tim's Forza History Class

Tony DeLorenzo's Camaro

By Tim DeLong- 06-23-2015

Tony DeLorenzo’s #3 Owens-Corning Fiberglass Racing 1970 Chevrolet Camaro

Tony DeLorenzo started his career with a Chevrolet Corvair in 1965 after graduating from Notre Dame University. His first race was at Nelson Ledges in Garrettsville Ohio, where he easily took home the win. That first win started a decades long career in sportscar and endurance racing. DeLorenzo made a name for himself racing Corvettes, Camaros, and the occasional Mustang. DeLorenzo earned his spot in the history books by being inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame in 2009.

This particular Camaro, the number 3 Owens-Corning car wasn’t the most successful car for DeLorenzo, but it is one of the most visually striking. The number 3 car managed to finish as high as second in the 1970 SCCA Trans-Am series season. The second place finish came at Bryar Motorsports Park, which would eventually become New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

The fairly simple, yet contrasting paint scheme was a crowd favorite. The white paint with red blocks and black pin stripes was easily recognisable and looked stunning at speed. Most of DeLorenzo’s cars wore a similar paint theme. Usually the cars had white paint with red or blue stripes or patterns. As a fan of race car paint jobs for the 1970’s and 80’s, the number 3 Delorenzo Camaro is one of my favorites. This car was raced in an era when the cars were painted. No picture perfect vinyl wraps were used back in the day. The cars were masked and painted by hand. If you ask me,this era gave us some of the best looking racing machines to ever do battle on a racetrack, and the DeLorenzo Camaro stands out from the pack.


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