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Tim's Forza History Class

Ferrari F333 SP

By Tim DeLong - 01-05-2016

In the world of sports car racing, rarely does a chassis design stay competitive for more than a season or two. this was not the case with the Ferrari F333 SP.

Ferrari commissioned fellow Italian company Dallara to design the chassis and tub for a new sports racer to be used in IMSA’s World Sports Car class, while Ferrari concentrated on reworking their 4.0 liter 600 bhp V12 engine they had formerly used in their F1 cars.

Ferrari had not been focused on sports car racing for almost twenty years by the time the F333 SP was unveiled in late 1993. Ferrari’s main focus through the 1980’s was Formula 1 with a minor dabbling in GT racing with factory supported BB 512/LMs racing in America and Europe.

By the third race of IMSA’s 1994 WSC series the F333 SP was finally ready. The number 50 F333 SP of Euromotorsport, won with Jay Cochran at the wheel. The number 30 F333 SP of MOMO Corse, driven by Giampiero Moretti and Eliseo Salazar finished second. A 1-2 finish for the new Sports racer was proof that Ferrari was on to something with their new design.

The F333 SP stayed competitive in IMSA for the next few years, winning the manufacturer's title in 1995 and in 1998, the year it also won the Daytona 24 hours. The F333 SP was also successful in Europe, winning every race during the FIA Sportscar Championship in 1998.

The final points race for a Ferrari F333 SP came in 2003 in the 500km of Monza. The GLV-Brums team has replaced the Ferrari V12 with a Judd engine to help keep the car competitive. Unfortunately, the Judd engine would give up before the end of the race, but not before setting the fastest lap time.

In the high tech, high performance world of modern sports car racing, no other chassis has run more consistently across the globe as the Ferrari F333 SP earning it the right be among some of the greatest cars in the Forza franchise.


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