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Inside FRN

By TJ Warby- 11-28-2014

Welcome to the First Edition Inside FRN! I took this role myself as I wanted to have something that every user could read and catch up on the awesome things that happen weekly on the FRN page, trust me there is loads to come so stick around!

So firstly, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is TJ Warby and I am a massive car nut. As some people know I bloody love Ford’s (European ones mostly, please don’t let this put you off) and I also am a massive Queen fan! I joined FRN around 3 months ago when I was added by the CEO, Brent Genito and from there I had seen the page grow until what it is today. I became an admin of FRN on 20th October 2014 and from there I had taken this privilege with open arms, I have loved every minute at the moment and I hope to see the rest of FRN for years to come! Anyway, enough about me blabbing on about who I am, let’s get onto the good stuff!

Photo by TJ Warby

Forza Racing Network is a community dedicated towards the Forza community and what our aim is to create a welcoming and fun community for all the Forza Aficionados. At the moment I’d say we aren’t doing a bad job and we all hope you guys are enjoying this community so far! Recently, Forza Racing Network has teamed up with Turn 10, yes I said it those plucky game makers who have created one of the best racing franchises. Mainly John Schommer (Johniwanna) has been thankful enough to provide us with a tonne of prizes for us to give away to you guys in competitions and other events such as live streams! We are very thankful towards Turn 10 and we hope to have more involvement with them in the future!

Photo by Mike Seddon

Now onto the events, first we have up Brent’s Thanksgiving “Crash N Bash” lobby which was yesterday which consisted of:
• Soccer
• Tag
• Cat and Mouse
• Elimination

This was hosted on Forza Motorsport 4 and was a great way of celebrating this year’s Thanksgiving; I hope the people who joined in had a bash! Sorry, I had to put a pun in there.

Also, we have Jason Deak’s “Fujimi Death Race 600” which is going to consist of:
• B Class circuit race of Fujimi
• A Class Point to Point on Old Downhill
• Open Class Drift on New Downhill

This event is to celebrate the amazing 600 members here at FRN so we hope a few of you will be able to make this one!

Photo by Henry Potter

Time for the news section! Next week is December which means a new DLC for Forza Horizon 2, our good buddy Johniwanna has given us 6 hints for the 6 cars in the next DLC, but can you guess them? Check it out here: December DLC Clue Thread.

More about Mr ‘Johniwanna’, in Tuesday’s Forza Motorsport live stream over at the Turn 10 twitch channel, which Johniwanna was streaming, the subject was brought up about John’s famous AC/DC videos! Yes, John is a famous YouTube star as well as Turn 10 community legend. Check out his best AC/DC video! Apologies up front for the “amazing” singing!

Photo by Ron Bal

So, I guess that sums up this week’s Inside FRN, check out our competitions on our Facebook page or the Forza Racing Network website! Thanks for reading this week’s Inside FRN, please suggest more what I should include and I should see you all next week!

TJ Warby

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