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GT4 Race Report - Mugello - 11-8-2011

By Aaron

GT4 Mugello Circuit Summary We started off the first lap with a bit of trouble with a re-shuffle of the pack, nerves had really settled in for me with it being my first GT4 race and being placed on the grid just behind our fellow racer Jonah. However, after the warm-up lap, it didn't take long for Scalesy in his speed demon F355 to catch up and overtake me going into the first corner of lap 2.

He had a lot of understeer going around Turn 1 which I tried to capitalize on, there wasn't enough room for me to pass unfortunately and it was great defending from Scalesy. Throughout that lap I looked for opportunities as Scalesy seemed to be cracking and pushing a little hard at times, but there was still no opportunity. I crack up losing a lot of ground on the front two runners Jonah and Scalesy.

Over the next couple of laps, it was time for me to get back at the two drivers ahead of me and I caught up quickly, within around 200ft at the end of Lap 3. They had the power on the straight line though, and the mighty acceleration of the Lotus Evora of Jonah roared into Lap 4 with brutal speed, just fending off the Ferrari of Scalesy.


I went into heavy braking into the first corner in a cloud of dust and smoke as Scalesy made a clumsy mistake in hitting Jonah off the track, but it was no time for me to feel sympathetic. I had to keep my lead from here on and capitalize on the situation. I started to pull more and more and get the better of the other two as I had the cornering speed with the NSX R-GT.

Jonah had too much damage to carry on and therefore pulled out. He felt the lack of driver etiquette was too much for him to handle at this round of GT4, and some of us couldn't agree more in post-race discussion. I had to concentrate on pulling and I did as I crossed over the line with 3 seconds over 2nd place.

It was a really happy moment for me joining my first race in GT4 and winning for the first time too, I couldn't help but feel bad that I couldn't get a better fight in with Jonah.

Brent went on to take 3rd in his '05 NSX-R.


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