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We have a winner!


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And our winner is... Zechariah Jewel Craig! Congratulations, and what an amazing photo!

Win a VIP pass for Forza Horizon 2! (Xbox One)

Forza Racing Network will be giving away one (1) VIP DLC code to the winning entry!
This will be a classic car-themed photo competition. Choose your classic car of choice (pre-1980), and take your best photo of it! Entries will be judged on the overall photo composition including background scenery.

Only one entry per person and NO changing of entries! So when you post, make it count! We've got eyes on this post so if you delete/repost without permission you will be disqualified.

Please note: While cell phone (#PotatoCam) photos are allowed for entry, you will be at a significant disadvantage to those who share and upload their photos from or using a capture card.

Good luck to all who enter and most importantly, have fun! Contest will run from 11/17/2014 until 12/01/2014.

Brent Genito - CEO of Forza Racing Network

Place your entries here, in the comments section of the post pinned to our facebook page!


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