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About Forza Racing Network

Forza Racing Network began on August 30, 2014 as a small Facebook fan page of only 40 members, consisting mainly of friends that CEO Brent Genito had made over the previous years in the Forza Community at their affiliate group, Forza Showrooms. At Forza Showrooms Brent met and became friends with a guy who ended up becoming one of his real-life best friends, Zach Shinn. Zach is a drifting nut on Forza Motorsport 4, and is one of the best drift tuners in the entire community. Knowing this fact, he decided that he was going to begin his own Forza community page, "Forza Drift Alliance", which Brent was his very first admin.

Not being a very competitive drifter, Brent always enjoyed circuit racing and tuning much more than sliding around corners (and he is better at it), so he decided to open HIS own group, "Forza Racing Network". Originally meant to go hand-in-hand with "Forza Drift Alliance", the popularity of FRN quickly syrocketed, suprassing his buddy's own page in just a matter of 2 months.

Since FRN began, they have not only gotten recognition by some of the top players and painters within the community, but also that of Turn 10 Studios, the development team behind the Forza franchise.

On November 3, 2014 FRN enjoyed the spotlight having been featured in John "Johniwanna" Schommer's feature article, "Rearview Mirror" on the official website. Shortly after this, Brent announced to his 24 administrators that he was planning on opening an official website for FRN, aptly with the domain (Forza Racing Network, get it?)

At this point his friend and admin, Tommie Stobbe, stepped up and took charge of what became an enormous undertaking -- building the website from the ground up. After submitting several preview models, Brent and Tommie finally agreed on a layout and design, which became the final prototype for the official FRN website that you sit at right now.

This is only the beginning for FRN, and Brent, as well as his very capable admins, have a lineup of exciting news that will be revealed over the course of 2015. If you are a fan of any and all Forza games, trust us when we say, this is the place to be.